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Michaela Gallaher
“I am so glad that I contacted Zion this weekend. He is an honest, knowledgeable guy who runs his business with so much integrity. He helped me and my husband figure out our animal problem without even charging us for the guidance and advice… that’s not something that happens with any other animal removal company. Thank you for your help!!”
Jason Wolf
“I had a groundhog problem under my shed. I had a family of 4 and they were eating my garden and digging deep holes under the foundation of the shed. A real nuisance. Zion and his team came out and trapped them all in under a week. I was concerned with the well-being of the animals after they were caught but Zion took them to a 200 acre farm out of town and released them. An added bonus was we also caught a raccoon that had been in my trash and moved him out of my yard as well. I would highly recommend Smoky Wildlife Control for any animal removal giving you a hard time.”
Jordan Christian
“Strongly recommend. Very easy to work with! Caught all my groundhogs and even a raccoon haha. Very pleased with the service and worth every penny. If I ever need a wildlife service again. I will not hesitate to call Smoky Wildlife control. Thank you!”
Wendy Hudson
“We hired Zion to get rid of squirrels in the attic. He came when he said he would, within two days of our call. He is such an nice young man and immediately set a trap up by the roof, on the outside of the house. He came every time we saw a squirrel in the trap, to remove it and replace with a new one. Took a while, but eventually all the squirrels we gone. He came back and put a cover over the hole where they were getting in. Fumigated the attic to get rid of any fleas or other insects which might have been left behind by the squirrels. He removed five of them before we both felt there were no more. I would highly recommend Zion. I think you will be pleased,”
Barbara Kerensky
“On a holiday weekend an inspector came right out to see if squirrels had entered our attic. No sign of infestation of a critter who had been traveling back and forth on the roof and was hanging out on our window. Although he wasn’t able to catch the squirrel, advice was given as to how to get rid of it if it returned. Service was excellent and my concern was alleviated immediately rather than us having to wait til Tuesday which was the earliest appointment I could get with another company.”
Matthew McCloskey
“Phenomenal small business. We had a mole problem at our place- Zion was easy to work with, super knowledgeable and transparent in helping us get these moles out. Highly highly recommend this over any of the bigger companies in Nashville - Zion runs a fairly priced, straightforward, great operation.”
Christina Oliver
“Multiple visits were required to set and clear traps for a family of groundhogs that were burrowing under our shed, which were then relocated to a rural area. Prices were fair and communication was excellent. Highly recommend.”
Ryne Carr
“Very happy with the value, service and communication! Very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to remedy our situation. They went above and beyond take care of us. Would very highly recommend!”
Cliff Vaughn
“Smoky Wildlife Control worked us in on a rainy day to check out noises in crawlspace. The inspection wound up saving us some money while offering peace of mind. Would recommend to others!”
Kathy Gaston
“Zion was very quick to respond when I called him. He found several places that squirrels have chewed through to get inside our roof and set traps for them. He came back regularly to check the traps and to see if we were still hearing them in the attic. He catches the animals in a very humane manner and takes them away. After we were sure the squirrels were gone he came and repaired and closed up the places that they had gotten in. I would highly recommend him!”
John Hickman
“Zion did a great job with a squirrel issue and was very responsive.”
Heather Haas
“Zion was amazing to work with! He was very informative, helpful, kind, and offered a very competitive price for the removal of raccoons in our attic and the restoration of the damage done by the raccoons. I would highly recommend him and his company!”
Cathy Gunn
“I can't say enough good things about Smoky Wildlife Control. Another company gave me an outrageous quote, and called SWC for second opinion. Not only was the price half of the other company, the service was fantastic. If I ever have another issue, I will definitely use them and will refer everyone I know to them in the future Thanks, Zion!”
Darrell Thompson Sr.
“Honest and straightforward company very thorough inspection to help diagnose the possible problem would recommend them over a couple other companies that we got inspections from. It was clear they’re in business to take care of the customer not just about profits would recommend they be contacted first.”
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