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Smoky Wildlife Control knows that proper animal removal and abatement doesn’t stop with getting rid of the pest in question, especially in the case of interior infestations. Animals are not polite house guests, so when they take up residence in your home or building, you can expect there to be a big mess, and possibly even some structural damage too. Not only are these residual effects of animal activity a health hazard, but they are also a safety hazard that can pose several types of accident risks, such as collapsing beams, electrical sparks, or sunken floorboards. If you have an animal infestation inside your home or commercial property, trust our licensed and insured Nashville and Clarksville, TN critter control contractors to first get rid of animals in the attic, and then return your property back to its original condition, all within a time frame that’s convenient for you.

We retain the latest technologies and state of the art products to provide comprehensive animal infestation restoration. Some of our methods and services include biohazard removal, attic insulation disposal, pheromone treatments for odor deodorization, fumigation for mites and parasites spread by the inhabiting animals, and much more. Best of all, all of our methods are environmentally-safe and well-suited with all property types. Contact our friendly wildlife control operators at 615-610-0962 to get started with a free estimate for animal cleanup and repair, today. The sooner you address animal damages, the more time and money you save, and the more protected your guests or loved ones are from contracting a diseases or parasitic infection.

Decontamination And Restoration For Animals In The Attic

If you have animals in the attic of your home or business, you can guarantee that you also have a big mess of biohazardous waste. Roosting and nesting animals, especially bats, birds, squirrels, and raccoons, use their surroundings as a bed, bathroom, and kitchen in one. Not only does all of this mess pose a health risk to your occupants, people and animals, but it also saturates attic insulation, floorboards, ceilings, walls, and anything stored in cardboard boxes for safe keeping. This saturation of urine and droppings can seep through to the lower levels of the house or property, appearing as brown-ish or orange stains, or worse, lingering odors that won’t seem to air out. Rotted and decayed food left behind can also cause dispersing odors, but can also lead to parasitic and pest infestations, such as maggots, worms, fruit flies, fleas, ticks, lice, mites, and more. If you have bats in the attic, you certainly have bat droppings, called guano, which can grow Histoplasma fungal spores. These spores can travel through airduct systems and be inhaled by people and pets, which can lead to a serious upper respiratory illness known as Histoplasmosis.

Needless to say, if you have animals in the attic, whether a commercial or residential setting, it is vital that you also choose post-animal removal decontamination and cleanup service to restore the health and integrity of your property. In addition to cleaning and sanitizing, it may be necessary to repair damages caused by animals in the attic, such as insulation replacement, drywall repairs, electrical repairs, vapor barrier replacement, and ductwork repair or replacement. Here at Smoky Wildlife Control, our wild animal trappers offer full-service animal damage cleanup and repair for commercial and residential properties in Nashville and Clarksville, TN, as well as the Greater Nashville and Clarksville, TN areas. Contact us at 615-610-0962 to request a free estimate, or to set up an onsite evaluation, today.

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100% Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Compatible In Nashville And Clarksville, Tn

If you are worried about paying for animal damage cleanup and restoration services, check with your homeowners’ insurance carrier. Your policy may provide coverage for the particular type or circumstance of animal infestation you have. Here at Smoky Wildlife Control, we are fully-certified to perform insurance claim work, and are compatible with most National and local insurance companies. In addition to being insurance claim compatible, we maintain the most competitive and economical prices in Tennessee. You can rest assure that our Nashville and Clarksville, TN animal infestation cleanup and animal damage repair services are affordable. In fact, we offer free estimates and onsite evaluations, and never add hidden or surprise fees on our invoices. Contact us at 615-610-0962 to learn more about pest control decontamination and wildlife damage repair.

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