How to Get Rid of Skunks in Spring

Skunks can be described as docile and gentle animals that typically don’t mess with humans or pets. Of course, there is the occasional, “my dog got sprayed by a skunk incident”, but for the most part, skunks do not pose a safety threat. However, they can be quite destructive to lawns and gardens in the Spring season. If you are dealing with nuisance skunks on your property, it is in your best interest to act fast before the damage can begin this season.

Although some skunk control methods can be implemented using a do-it-yourself approach, there may come a time when professional intervention is needed. Continue reading to learn how to get rid of skunks on your property, plus who to trust in the Smoky Mountain regions for safe and affordable critter control services.

Skunk Removal Services Nashville Tennessee 615-610-0962
Skunk Removal Services Nashville Tennessee 615-610-0962

Nuisance Skunks Versus Natural Skunks

How do you know you have nuisance skunk problem? Periodically seeing one or two skunks your property is not considered a nuisance critter problem. These skunks are naturally in their habitat and likely just passing along. Maybe they take a shortcut through your lawn every now and then. So, this pattern of skunk spotting does not need to be taken seriously unless they become predictable or more frequent. At that point you may want to implement some minor animal proofing strategies just to be safe, especially if you do plant flowerbeds or grow a crop garden of any kind.

Nuisance skunks are distinguishable from natural skunks because they are bothersome. If you have a dog or cat along with persistent skunk activity, you can consider that a nuisance animal problem because there is a likely chance that your pets will get sprayed. If your dog or cat does get sprayed by a skunk, or even you or your family member, immediately bathe in this skunk spray removal treatment:



Another way to tell that you have a nuisance skunk problem is by examining the impact of their presence on and around your property. Skunks notorious for digging up lawns and gardens in search of juicy grubs and roots, plus they are stinky. So, if you have a large skunk population around your property, you may also have a backyard that stinks quite often. This is not inviting for your family and your guests when you have outdoor activities or parties planned.

The Key to Getting Rid of Skunks

The secret to getting rid of skunks is to remove all of the things that attract them to your property. In the first place. Ultimately, nuisance critters, one food, water, and shelter. There is really no other reason why they would be on your property. Skunks are omnivores, which means that you both meat and plant matter. They will go after your garden for edible flowers and crops.

Additionally, they will dig up your lawn and gardens for roots, grubs, and worms. Skunks will also pillage your trashcan and outdoor pet feed. For shelter, they like to hide out in wood piles, underneath buildings and porches, and inside tall grass bushes. As for water, they’ll get that from a bird bath, pool, or nearby water source, like a stream or creek.

So long as you eliminate these items or make them more difficult to access, you can effectively abate skunk activity in your property. You can also consider installing flood lights, deep-ground fencing, and even vibrating sound machines to thwart nuisance skunk activity.

Professional Skunk Removal and Control

Sometimes a skunk problem is too much for a property owner to handle on their own. Professional skunk removal and control services are available for a safe and streamlined solution to get rid of skunks in a convenient time frame. They have the permits and licensing authorizing them to perform such work and wildlife transport, as well as the proper resources, equipment, and materials to get the job done right.

Are skunks damaging your property and you want to stop them before the threat worsens? Contact Smoky Wildlife Control at 615-610-0962 for prompt and professional skunk removal and control services in Nashville, Tennessee. We serve both residential and commercial clients of the most competitive rates around.

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