Can a Bat Give My Dog Rabies?

You love your dog’s curious nature. But sometimes, their primitive curiosity can get them into a bit of trouble. Whether your dog has just brought home a dead bat, you have caught them sniffing a grounded bat in the yard, or suspect that your canine has a bat bite, the Rabies virus should absolutely be a concern.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about your dog, the Rabies virus, and bats in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bat Removal Nashville Tennessee 615-610-0962
Bat Removal Nashville Tennessee 615-610-0962

Bats Are Known Carriers of the Rabies Virus

Tennessee is home to several species of bats, all of which are known carriers of the Rabies virus. Although a bat may carry the virus, it does not mean they are rabid. It does, however, mean they can transmit the illness to both people and pets.

Rabies is transmitted through the saliva or brain tissue matter of the infected. The infected saliva must come into contact with the victim’s blood, typically occurring via ingestion, scratch, or bite. Yes, bats have teeth, and they do bite if they feel threatened or provoked; especially mother bats protecting their pups. Bats are otherwise non-confrontational.

Dogs are often at the other end of bat confrontations because of their curious nature, as discussed before. Dogs will poke and sniff around at a bat, whether that bat is on a lower part of a tree trunk, on a patio chair, or grounded on the lawn. This can be frightening to a bat, causing them to lash out in defense. For this reason, dogs are more at risk of contracting the Rabies virus compared to relative house pets, like cats and horses.

Rabies is 100% Fatal for Pets

Once contracted, there is no cure for Rabies; it is fatal. This is primarily why Rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats are so critical. Not only do vaccines protect them from a fatal end, but they help stop the spread, both locally and globally. If your dog or cat is not vaccinated against Rabies and other transmissible diseases, talk to your veterinarian about the recommended vaccination schedule for your pet before the end of the year. You can also learn more about how to prevent rabies in animals directly from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Rabies Vaccines for People and Pets

If you believe your pet has been exposed to the Rabies virus, contact a veterinarian right away and schedule an exam. Tell them the details of your dog or cat’s interaction with the bat and they will be able to diagnose the illness from there.

If you or your loved one was bitten or scratched by a bat, it is strongly encouraged to have that bat trapped and tested for Rabies. Contact a Nashville TN critter control company for bat removal services and Rabies testing assistance.

Do you suspect that you have bats in the attic or around the house? Do you wish to implement some control tactics to better protect your pets and loved ones against the spread of bat disease? Contact Smoky Wildlife Control at 615-610-0962 for 24 hour bat removal and control services in Nashville, Tennessee. We serve residential and commercial clients

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Smoky Wildlife Control Nashville Tennessee 615-610-0962