Should I Be Worried About Beavers on My Property?

Beavers are extraordinarily gifted aquatic mammals, making it no surprise that they are often considered a nuisance critter to both residential and commercial property owners. Here in Tennessee, beaver populations are abundant, so it is wise that you are inquiring on the potential downfalls of having beavers on your property.

Whether you are perusing potential land to develop or have recently moved into a new house with beavers nearby, continue below to learn what you need to know about beaver control and removal in Nashville.

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Beavers Like to Chew and Gnaw on Tree Trunks!

Facts About the American Beaver

Here Nashville Tennessee, the native and local beaver species is the American beaver, scientifically known as Castor canadensis. Beavers are categorized as the largest rodent in North America and the second largest rodent in the entire world, falling just under the capybara. They are nocturnal semi-aquatic mammals that live near forested wetlands with abundant vegetation and flattened terrain. They will build their homes and territories around slow-moving streams, lakes, marshes, ponds, and similar environments.

Beavers mate for life, and upon choosing a partner they will continue to reproduce new offspring (babies are called kits) every April or May. This means they can be difficult to get rid of, as beaver populations continue to grow year after year. Furthermore, beavers are known to cause massive amounts of destruction and structural troubles for residential and commercial property owners. For these reasons and more, beaver populations require wildlife abatement.

Nuisance Beavers

Beavers are considered nuisance critters because they build dams known as lodges, as well as beaver ponds, canals, and similar structures that can cause flooding, creek destruction, and tree loss. In most cases, large beaver populations on a property would require a certain degree of critter control and beaver abatement modifications. This can include beaver extraction and relocation, or basic animal proofing applications.

Beaver Control Methods

Fortunately, there are many ways you can safely control a nuisance beaver population near your property. In fact, if you so choose, you can have the beaver population removed entirely and relocated to a safe and far away habitat. On the other hand, some properties can benefit from a controlled beaver population, as beavers do offer an ecological advantage to some degree.

In most cases, beavers need to be trapped and removed altogether Especially of preparing for new construction or land development. The most humane catch-and-release beaver traps on the market include conibear-style body grip traps and extra-large cage-type clam shell traps.

It is important to contact a licensed and insured Nashville wildlife control company for help getting rid of beavers in Nashville, Tennessee. They have the proper training, permits, experience, and resources to safely manage nuisance beavers within a convenient time frame.

Are you struggling to manage the nuisance beavers on your Tennessee property? Contact Smoky Wildlife Control at 615-610-0962 for affordable beaver removal and control in Nashville, Tennessee and its surrounding counties. We provide residential and commercial animal control.

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Smoky Wildlife Control Nashville Tennessee 615-610-0962